Pain from tumours

The word tumour alone does not mean anything dangerous, it just describes any localised increase in size of an anatomical structure. The term is so general that it refers to both benign and malignant new growths and swellings.

There are three types of tumours: benign, semi-malignant and malignant. The word “cancer” refers to a malignant tumour. Benign tumours are very easy to separate from the surrounding tissue, but this is almost impossible for malignant tumours because they infiltrate the tissue, grow into it and spread out like an octopus in many small groups of cells. Also, cells are taken to other parts of the body via the lymphatic vessels or the blood, and when they grow, this is called a metastasis. A tumour is not an infectious disease, nor can it be inherited.

We can explain the causes of a tumour as follows. Our bodies are made up of many billions of cells that have specialised their functions, and that all come from one mother cell. Our environment has a constant effect on these cells – healthy food and drink, breathing fresh air, happiness, and harmony of one’s surroundings make a fundamental contribution to healthy cell division in our bodies. Stress, unhappiness, smoking, and many other environmental pollutants – including radiation from artificial magnetic fields – promote faulty cell division. Depending on the nature, size, position and growth stage of the tumour in addition to the patient’s age and state of health, a wide range of therapies are available, from radiation therapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy to full-scale operations.
During the course of the whole illness, good pain management therapy should not be forgotten. Pain management therapy usually involves both medicines and physical therapy.
A medicine pump can also be used. Are you suffering from severe pain? We would be more than happy to help you.