Infiltrations of peripheral nerves

Injections are carried out for therapeutic and diagnostic reasons. Therapeutic injections have two aims: firstly, to eliminate pain, and secondly, to inhibit inflammation. The procedure is easy to carry out. In the case of nerves that are positioned more deeply, the injection takes place while using ultrasound checks. Using ultrasound, the nerve affected can be found very effectively. This does, however, require very good anatomical knowledge and lots of practice.

The person does not become unconscious. It is possible to infiltrate almost any nerve, in almost any position. The medicine is not injected directly into the nerve, it is merely brought very close to it. Infiltrating the nerves can bring about a local anaesthetic effect, meaning that small-scale interventions can be carried out pain-free.

If there are doubts about which nerve needs to be infiltrated, we can also look for it using electrostimulation. Thin acupuncture needles are pointed towards the nerve through the skin. The needles are connected to a manual electricity generator, meaning that the nerve can be located by a sensation of pins and needles or small twitches.

We carry out these blocks very frequently, and sometimes their effect lasts for several months. Our practice has the required medical apparatus for this purpose at its disposal.