Intra-articular infiltrations

Using a tube, it is possible to inject medicine into almost any joint using either x-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound, or using no apparatus at all. It is important that this procedure be carried out in sterile conditions, and that no bacteria be able to enter the body.

Various medicines are used, often cortisone and its variants, in addition to local anaesthetics, and hyaluronic acid – to improve the lubrication of a joint. Both hyaluronic acid and cortisone are, among other sources, produced by the body in very low concentrations.

Especially in the case of movement-dependent chronic pain and acutely blocked joints, these injections can be a good way of treating the complaints in such a way that they are quickly improved or even eliminated. A decision must always be made in each individual case, in order to determine which substance is suitable for significantly relieving the complaints in the joint in question. Thanks to collaboration with my colleagues, who are particularly experienced in this field due to their work with the German U19 national football team, there are many plant-based medicines at our disposal.