Nerve pain of unexplained origin

About 300,000 people in Germany (out of 82 million inhabitants) suffer from nerve pain. Usually the causes are known, and shingles, slipped disc pain or nerve damage are diagnosed. Often, however, the cause remains unclear and cannot be determined for certain, even using modern scientific methods. If one nerve is affected, the condition is called mononeuropathy, while if several nerves are affected it is called polyneuropathy.

The pains have different symptoms, with sometimes burning pain, chronic pain, tingling or pins and needles, or at other times stabbing pains or pins and needles, itching or cramps. The pains are not always constant, they can occur in attacks and are activated by certain triggers such as heat or cold, touch or pressure.

The doctor and pain specialist must use his experience and listen to his gut feeling, and in this case he can only try to carry out therapy involving medicines, infiltrations and physical therapy. As we have a huge range of pain therapies at our disposal, we are confident that we will be able to help you further.